A magical AI muse to help inspire your next story

I want to write a story about...

Sorry, generating loglines is now permanently disabled.

OpenAI will not allow the generation of challenging themes, words or ideas.

The problem is that many(most?) excellent and thought-provoking movies feature themes of violence or challenging content, by necessity. For instance, the movies Se7en, Pulp Fiction or Million Dollar Baby. Even the popular Marvel movies would be unfit for OpenAIs content rules.

I do not want to limit your exploration and expression of ideas, so I'm left with no choice but to shut LoglineAI down.

Thanks for your support, and good luck with your script!

So sorry!

LoglineAI turned out to be way more popular than I anticipated, and the costs of running it even more so.

I'm frantically working on ways to make the service more sustainable for my wallet, yet still give you the logline ideas you crave.

Watch this space, or hit me up on Twitter(@RikNieu) if you have some ideas!